When the web boom started in the mid-nineties, I was immediately fascinated and started designing web sites. Since they weren't yet teaching the subject at the art and communications school I was attending, I was asked to hold some courses on the subject alongside my studies. To assist in funding my studies, I decided to create my own little company and did freelance work for several years.

When I was hired into the UIC (User Interface Content) division of Nokia Mobile Phones, my first project was for the upcoming 9300 and 9500 communicators. Together with another artist, we made a complete overhaul of all the graphics in both the cover and PDA screens. The wireframe we would be using would be from the old 9210 communicator. We would not be able to change the layout in any way nor would we be able to touch the fonts except for their colors. All icons, skins and backgrounds would be replaced with new graphics in the same dimensions. Below you can see what the old 9210 communicator looked like and below that some of the work I did for the 9300/9500 project:

Nokia 9210 PDA user interface